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VIPER 4.0 20 HP Bridge Saw
VIPER 4.0 20 HP Bridge Saw
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GLS Bridge sawing machine,VIPER 4.0 is the ultimate machine for all kinds plants, which is suitable for cutting stone, marble,granite,quartz,quartzite ect, manually or automatically. The easy operator’s interface is designed to guide you through all functions. From the moment the color touchscreen(10.0') comes to life you’ll understand what power means.The automatic cycles are easily programmed by touch screen from a color monitor.So easy to use Autocut programming Quickcut auto positioning system help the operator increase production while minimizing mistakes.

If you’re considering a high end bridge saw the VIPER 4.0 is for you!

24 Months Warranty On Parts ,you can even choose 5 years warranty.  THE BEST SERVICE THAN EVER!